Hate Samsung!

I’ve never had a in any way decent phone, i always assumed that with all the fancy technology and touch screen and what not that they would brake so easily, but by holding onto my stone age Nokia c2 i could feel myself socially falling behind. So after a few weeks of saving i bit the bullet and bought the Samsung galaxy ace 2. At the start it was fantastic, i felt so much power in the palm of my hand, instant access to facebook, twitter, instagram and anything i wanted really. Then the worst possible thing happened and i was stripped of all my new found technology. My phone just decided it didn’t want to use simple sms text anymore and didn’t deliver any of my texts or when someone would text me it would deliver this text to me every 5 minutes for the day and i would end up with an inbox full of the same texts, was the single most annoying thing any phone has done to me. So i brought the phone back to my my local 3 store and not so surprisingly i was told there was nothing they could do but send it back to Samsung. So in the meantime i was given a temp phone to do me and low and behold it was my little Nokia c2. So now im once again left in the darkness in my social group not knowing the gossip on twitter or peoples drunken messy pictures on facebook. So now i have to go through what seems to be such a long wait of waiting for my laptop to boot, then go through Google to Facebook and log in which to me is just far to much of an effort after having literally instant access on my phone. Even after this tough life experience for me i will be resorting back to my enemy the Samsung galaxy ace 2 on a trial period to see if it is willing to cooperate with me and once again be beneficial to my life, but it in the mean time i will be far to embarrassed to be getting my phone out. The only way i can describe the feeling is this, in the past when my phone went dead or i left it at home it use to feel like i forgot to wear trousers or a t shirt, like i was naked. Now not having Facebook and twitter and Instagram and Gmail etc. in my pocket i am back to that bad same old naked feeling i use to get. Thanks Samsung!